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rgt86 a posted Apr 2, 13

Visit our page on and don't forget to Vote, Comment, and Subscribe!!


Mattmsk001 a posted Mar 31, 13
If interested in donating to the server ( click on the donation tab to the left
DontCareBears I donated 10
M1LFMAN I donated too. And yet to see any diamonds or response to my email.

Free diamonds

Mattmsk001 a posted Mar 31, 13
Sign up on our website to get 3 free diamonds
Mattmsk001 a The server providers are performing emergency maintenance should hopefully be up soon.
infernapeglop Matt I Donated Money To The Server Get The Server Running And Hrry Im About To Leave Hrry Dude Plz

Welcome to MSK CRAFT

Mattmsk001 a posted Dec 4, 11

If u sign up on the server msg mattmsk001 in game and he will give u 3 diamonds

CombustablePanda i think i registered plz unban me
Draco_Fangs plz update to 1.6.1 plz
Tnanwo I REGISTERED my ingame name is Tnanwo
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